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Smart Water

With our modular water turbines, which power off-grid sensors and intelligent devices, we help to create better visibility in the operation of smart water networks.

Smart Water: Meeting Tomorrow's Challenges Today
Average water losses
Non revenue water (NRW)
cost of NRW to utilities worldwide
billion per year
Facing the Challenge

The Customer Benefits of Smart Water Networks

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The energy solutions for your smart water network


PT1 Pydro Turbine

The PT1 turbine is ideal for running monitoring equipment especially for critical points of your network and can be configured for 12-24VDC.


PT2 Pydro Turbine

The PT2 will be the second generation of Pydro Turbine Systems and is ideal for running pressure management devices, chlorination systems, remote terminals, sump pumps, lighting…

Data Collection and Communication

all Systems

All Systems will come with an integrated remote terminal unit , ready to send & recieve your data to or from were ever you need them.

Control Valves

Hybrid Electric Valve`s

In Cooperation with our partners, we are also working on disruptive energy recovering control valves, designed specifically for control tasks in service areas without external power supply.

our partners

Developed in cooperation with leading water suppliers and water experts

Clean water is the most valuable resource on earth, so we work very closely with our customers & partners to validate our turbine designs and ensure that we use the best materials certified for drinking water.

Our Vision

pydro has a simple but clear purpose – to preserve water and energy.

​Pydro GmbH was founded in 2016 with the mission of building the best ​solution for ​integrated smart pressure management ​and energy recovery in water pipe networks.

We develop turbine systems for water pipes, which convert energy surpluses into usable power. Our vision is to reshape the way water is being distributed and controlled in water supply networks. With Pydro GmbH, we want to become the world leading power supplier for smart water networks.

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